Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting eyes checked!

We have been a bit concerned with Jada Rose's eyes because she rubs them a lot and say's "Owie Eyes" all the time. Today we had them checked and she has great vision and there were no apparent issues. However the optometrist did say the EBV could be causing some eye discomfort. He wrote up a script for her to have here eyes scanned next month when she gets a CT scan to check for possible nodes stemming from EBV. Here is a photo in her "HOT GLASSES".

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pre Christmas Update:

Jada is gearing up for Santa Clause to come! She doesn't have any favorite toys that she is asking for, so that is making it fun for her mom and I to try several different things! Her all time favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty. On the blueray version there is a Dragon Adventure that takes about 5 minutes. Jada watches that one bonus feature over and over again! She also has the songs memorized and likes to sing along while dancing with whomever is fortunate to be in the room at the time.

On a slightly downer side her EBV showed up again at around 4000 :-( Were back to taking regular labs until it goes away. Overall she is healthy, happy, and running wild ! She absolutely adores Kirstin and spends a lot of time with her during the week. She calls her "Kirsey". Brant is Kirstin's husband and has been over several times as well. Yesterday afternoon he showed up to clear off our DRIVEWAY, as I am a cripple right now! This is a cute pic that Kirsten took of Jada Rose...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Leaving for Las Vegas!...minus one :(

Tomorrow we were supposed to be going to Las Vegas to see Grandma and Grandpa's booth they are having at the National Rodeo Convention. However about a month ago Jada's Dad had an injury. What was initially thought to be a severely sprained foot turned out to be a ruptured Achilles Tendon. I am having it repaired tomorrow but Andrea and Jada are continuing with the vacation as planned. Andrea offered to stay but when I explained to her that if she had suffered the same injury and I had a vacation planned I would hope she would want Jada and I to go have fun rather than deal with what is not a life threatening injury. The Liver Clinic cleared Jada to go to Vegas...Yah we were surprised as well! They said "Jada is minimally immune compromised and should be fine so have fun!"...Sweet! That is actually pretty cool for us to hear! So tomorrow I'm going in for surgery, and will rely on some friends and my sisters to check up on me for the weekend.

Jada is just a riot to be around. She has seen me walking with a considerable limp, and now thinks its pretty cool to limp herself. When she is asked what is wrong? She replies "I have a big sliver!" We check it every time, and every time that darned sliver wanders to another toe, or to another spot on her foot! Still I bandage her up and consider it a compliment! Andrea set up some figurine Santa Clauses around the house and said to Jada Rose "Who's that?" Jada would reply "Paul Kruger!"...hmmmm for those of you who don't know Paul Kruger is a fairly large Ute football player and since the Utes wear red and white Jada automatically thinks it must be Paul Kruger with his "cool scar". I hope Max Hall doesn't have any Post Traumatic episodes when he see's Santa this season! ;-)

Tonight is my last night being able to put weight on my foot for about a month, so Jada and I are going to LIVE IT UP!!!

In case anyone was wondering what a ruptured achilles tendon looks like? Allow me!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To Grandma's house for Thanksgiving Dinner!

There are more photo's of Jada Rose and her Thanksgiving feast, but they are on her Grandma's camera which is currently in Las Vegas! We will get them on here soon.