Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Nigh Nigh Time" at the Chilton House...

Mommy and Jada Rose settle in for a bed time showing of Peter Pan

I think Mommy is starting to fade...Chances are she will be in "Never Land" before Wendy, Peter, and Michael!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jada Rose Goes Fishing!

Jada Rose and Dad decided to go fishing on Saturday. Jada had a BLAST! We caught a couple lil guys together, then Jada wanted "to do it by her self". She decided she would stick the entire pole into the water. Realizing the obvious error in etiquette I tried to correct her. "NO" she yelled "I DO IT!" I figured fine no problem we have already caught some fish she can just play with the pole for a while. Next thing I know the pole takes an unusually large tug from the depths of what should only be a small trout pond! I grab Jada and the Pole, fearing Monstro the whale might pull her in, and we successfully wrestle in a 17 inch trout THAT JADA ROSE CAUGHT! As near as I can figure, the big fish are sitting at the bottom. So Jada utilizing her innate fishing senses (that her Dad is obviously lacking) had exactly the right idea! After we were done, all she wanted to do aside from buying more "Otter Pops" was "show Gampa". So on the way home we took a detour and Jada proudly displayed for him, her days catch.

Jada's belly is down in size (good)her labs today showed a slight increase in her GGT (not so good) so we are VERY heightened on rejection alert.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Update...

The update is that we have unanswered questions...

Jada is happy and healthy to the casual observer. BUT some things have us worried. Her EBV numbers are staying the same. The Epstein Bar Virus (EBV) is what can lead to a terrible cancer called PTLD. We REALLY REALLY REALLY want that number to go down. Jada gets a immune inhibitor twice a day called Prograf. Catch 22 is that the prograf causes the EBV to live without consequence in her body, so we lower the Prograf to hopefully lower the EBV. Scary thing about doing this as her prograf drops her body becomes more and more susceptible to rejection. This puts us in kind of a balancing act.

In this balancing act we try and keep an eye out for signs of rejection. We are supposed to get labs drawn every week. However on Monday she was late for her prograf dosage and we had to get her back into a readable dosing schedule. One thing we are very concerned with is her large tummy. Last week Dr. Book said that Jada's spleen does look enlarged and that heightens our concern a bit. Andrea and I have noticed in the last couple days that her tummy is getting even bigger. Hmmmm... She does not have any rashes or fevers, and her poop still has color. All of which can be signs for rejection. Yet we still worry. Jada will be going in for Labs tomorrow and we will find out then what her liver numbers look like.

I need to get the video camera rolling soon because she is doing some pretty cute things. Her favorite movie right now is Superman Returns. This is a welcome break from the usual animated movies. Jada has a superman cape that she puts on and pretends she is flying all over the house. She knows who the "Bad Man" is (Lex Luther). And is pretty impressed with Superman's short "H o s i p i t o l" stay.

Throughout the day Jada asks if it is time to go to Disneyland? We tell her "one more month!" to which she replies "I'm essited to go Disneyland!". Andrea is working A LOT with her real estate. And I am continuing to work two jobs. Grandma Dawny is saving our collective anus's with her babysitting! Hopefully tomorrow I will have some good news. Jada's cousins are currently in Lake Powell :( WE WISH SO FREAKING BAD JADA COULD DO THAT! Oh well, its life. We know they are having fun and pray for their safe return.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Prayers for Jackson!

Jackson Hardy's family are close friends of ours. Jackson is undergoing open heart surgery for Hyposplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) right now at PCMC, please send prayers that the operation, and recovery will be successful!