Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok so rather than just post some random story like my last post I think I should give a full update for Jada Rose and the rest of our family. We are LOVING this warm weather! Jada already wants to be running outside in the sprinklers, and swimming! I so wish she didn't have a compromised immune system because I believe our entire summer would be spent at Pineview reservoir in our boat. Speaking of the boat we are going to start cleaning it out very soon at Jada Roses constant request. It is hopeful thinking on my part that we can get the Liver Clinic to approve Jada to swim and play up at Bear Lake... We are hoping with the size of that lake and the cooler temps that the bacteria level in that lake will be low enough for Jada to enjoy swimming in there. If not, then Ohhhh Wellll :( Our back yard is undergoing LOTS of construction we are currently having a HUGE and I MEAN HUGE tree taken down in our back yard. This tree can be seen from North Salt Lake (and I'm not even kidding). It is dying and we are worried the branches will fall off one of these winters and injure someone or something. It is anticipated that when we finish this little project ($1200) Yah that's a Kauai vacation! That we can plant grass in the remaining areas and have a play set for Jada to swing and slide on.

Jada's EBV count for the most part is un-detected although that can change very quickly. But un-detected is very very good! Her other labs are just perfect. Every day at least 3-5 times each day I stop and watch her in awe. Honestly three years ago I was pleading with God to let me be a dad so that I could witness this little girl learning and playing and doing all the things she is currently doing. So yah basically I am living a dream every day. Jada Rose has acquired my love for cereal, and now joins me for a midnight snack every night of cereal and milk. Andrea has to buy 3-4 gallons of milk a week just to support our habit! Jada Rose is so funny if I have two bowls of cereal SHE has to have two bowls of cereal! When she finishes drinking all the milk out of the bowl it is very important that she shows me SHE was able to drink all her milk too!

We have introduced both dogs back into the home again and Jada simply loves them! If we are at cousin Troy's house or grandma Dawny's house often the only way we can get her home is to say "Jada your Doggies are waiting for you to feed them". That seals the deal virtually every time.

Andrea is working her butt off in the Real Estate market. She enjoys working and is very good at what she does! She is also doing lots of exercise, and recently started playing Tennis! She has a mean back hand! But then again I already knew that before she was playing tennis! ;-) Because of our work schedules, we dont have a lot of options available for about four hours out of the day. Andrea has been researching the Challenger schools for Jada Rose, and we are going to enroll her for summer. Jada Rose is so smart in several areas that I am excited to see how she excels within a more regimented system. Her favorite toy is her dinosaurs, she can distinguish between 20-25 different dinosaurs, and knows their pronunciation. Paliocincus, Dimetridon, Apatosaurus, Ankyliasaurus, Pterodactyl, T-rex (of course), dipladocus, brachiasaurus, triceratops, protoceratops, velosaraptor, UTAH raptor, Iguanadon, stegosaurus, apatosaurus, brontosaurus...the list goes on and on!

Most exciting news is the recent addition to our extended family! Aunt Teya and Uncle Sean had a baby boy last week his name is Braden Mark Wilson. He is perhaps the cutest little baby on earth at this moment! I simply love him! I posted an update on his blog From the Eyes and Arms of a Very Proud Uncle

The future is bright for our family as well! I am soooo excited that Aunt Loni and Uncle Zak are going to be having twin girls!!! Honestly I was of the opinion that in order for me to enjoy football, sports, sci-fi movies, making things that I would need a son. I was WRONG! Jada Rose loves all these things as much as I do! Plus I get to spoil little girls and give them everything they want! So yes I am excited to be having more girls in our family. Andrea and I are contemplating having a baby sometime in the future (or rather trying). Its not an easy thing for us though because we both still have some post traumatic stress with Jada Rose's situation. Last night Jada said the prayer for dinner...who are we kidding, she "HAS" to say it every dinner!... and typically it is as follows "Dear Heaven-fathuh, thanks for food, thanks for healthy bodies, bless food so that healthy bodies, bless donor family, nama-Jes-Christ-AMEN!" So I told her "Jada did you know you can ask him for any other thing you might want?" She looked at me like "Seriously you just now are telling me this?" Of course I was thinking that next time she would perhaps add to her usual prayer...Andrea and I started chit chatting as we were eating, and during this time Jada was thinking about what else she wanted to ask for. When all of a sudden we hear her say "Dear Heaven-Fathuh...." Andrea and I put down our food AGAIN and listened to PART II of the prayer. I thought for sure we would hear Disneyland, or Lagoon, or more Dinosaurs in the amended version...everything was exactly the same until the very end "...And pleas bless that I have a brother, Nama-Jesu-Christ-AMEN!"... Tough to let that one go without some some deep reflection!

Well that is the end of a very prolonged update. Oh I almost forgot! Last Saturday Andrea and I were getting ready to take Jada Rose to her Grandma Dawny's house so that we could go to the Red and White game and then see our new Nephew Braden Mark. Jada Rose insisted that she "Go to the Football Game!" We kept trying to tell her all the fun things Grandma had planned for her when it occurred to me "My Daughter wants to go to a Freaking Football GAME! What kind of an Idiot father would not want that?!?!" So I convinced Andrea in a slightly more matter of fact way than she would have appreciated that "MY DAUGHTER WANTS TO GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME WITH US. BY DARNED SHE IS GOING!" Jada had a ball! Three of her favorite men were present Blake, Tippetts, and Uncle Zak! While we were tailgating she kept begging to go into the stadium to watch the game. During the game she laughed, cheered, sang Utah Man, and visited every individual within three rows of where we were sitting! So the spring is off to a good start! Hoping that the summer holds true to form!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If you are playing the "I took your nose" game with a three year old, you know the one where you say "I have your nose" and its your thumb disguised as the child's nose? DO NOT finish the game by patting the child on the head as you walk away!I did this yesterday, and for several moments confusion reigned as Jada Rose was sure I had decapitated her! Hysterical screaming ensued until I could race her into the bathroom where she could see her head was still attached! Sheesh!!!! Maybe a little less Tom and Jerry for a while....