Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ute Scars...

A few weeks ago Jada Rose came into our office and pulled up her shirt showing me her tummy. She looked worried and pointed to her scar saying "Big owie?" My heart broke! She had suddenly realized that there was something on her that wasn't normal. She's going to have this scar for the rest of her life. But on the same hand I personally take pride in this scar it represents a life saved, a life donated, and tears upon tears of worry. It then occurred to me! "Hey Jada wanna see who else has a cool scar like yours?" I showed her this photo of Paul Kruger. Then said "He's a football player for the UTES! and HE HAS A SCAR JUST LIKE JADA ROSE!" Her eyes became wide and she immediately beamed a HUGE SMILE. "Cool Scar?" She said. "YUP!" I replied. Welcome to the Paul Kruger Fan Club Jada Rose!...and thank you #11 for making my life a little easier as a Ute fan and as a Dad.

Background on Paul Kruger You may recognize him. He has spent some time with Charlie Cooper at PCMC over the last year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have arrived...

To be honest, 3 years ago when we found out we were having a little girl, I was an idiot. I actually sulked a little bit. I wanted a boy. I wanted to have someone who would watch Star Wars, and have Light Saber fights with me. I wanted someone who would sit through an entire football game with me and ask questions about players and plays. I wanted a boy who I could chase around and tackle. One who would tackle me too! I wanted someone who begged me to take him fishing, go skiing, watch cool movies like Superman. Little did I know that I was an idiot who had not arrived. I was an idiot! Look at my sisters and my wife! How dare I socio type women to think a boy would bring me more enjoyment than a girl?! Sorry to anyone who has only boys, but I have it better than you! Not only do I have a LITTLE GIRL who begs me to go fishing, snow ski, plays tackle football with me, watches all three quarters of Utah football games with me, but she is adorable! A true princess! She wants to be Snow White for Halloween! She takes 48 My Little Ponies EVERYWHERE! Gives the best kisses a dad could want, loves dogs, wants to play Light Saber Wars, sees young ladies out on Prom night and says "Look! A Princess!" and is one hell of a tackler! Well today I have arrived at that moment in a Fathers life when he says to himself "Am I really thinking this?". This morning something was tugging at me. I was excited for something and I couldn't remember what it was! I didn't even pay attention to NPR on the way to work because I was racking my mind over what it was I was so excited about! Do I have a flag football game tonight? No, thats on Wednesdays. Is there a football game on tonight? No. Utes play on Saturday. Is there a movie coming out today? YUP!!! Thats it! I have been looking forward to this movie for several weeks now! Today Tinkerbell hits the stores!.... Did I really just think that? Yup I did. I am actually excited to get off work and go straight to the store, where with baited breath I will find the shortest line through the check out, and then BOLT straight home. I can't wait to see Jada Rose's face when I hand the movie over to her! Well cook up some popcorn, heat up the Ute Room and enjoy what is sure to be a timeless classic...UNBELIEVABLE! I HAVE ARRIVED! Three years ago if I were to read what I have just written I would have punched myself in the face. But then again three years ago I was an idiot!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Jada has been pretty busy the last few weeks. Andrea has been working a lot lately and we felt like we were putting to much strain on family to watch Jada during the days without doing our part in watching others kids. So we decided to hire a nanny! Andrea is with Jada until 10am then I get home at 2pm so Jada spends about 4 hours a day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Kirsten! Jada loves her and the two seem to be bonding very well. Kirsten takes Jada to the park, paints, colors, plays with My lil Ponies, bakes, and watches an occasional movie with Jada Rose.

Last week we took Jada to the University of Utah game and she was able to be on the field when the players came out of the tunnel. She loved it! Jada enjoys singing Utah Man but we are having issues with her singing with a mouth full of food! Two weeks ago she choked on a pizza and this week she choked on some tortilla chips! So in the future we are going to try and anticipate the Utes scoring by not giving Jada any food at that point! While at this game her aunt Loni took her for a walk around the stadium. While on this walk Jada informed her aunt Loni that she was read to use the pott! So Aunt Loni laid about 6 layers of TP on the toilet seat and Jada used a public restroom for the first time. YAY! Jada wears big girl panties throughout the majority of the day. Recently she received a really cool gift from Zane Taylor's dad (Zane is number 77 for the Utes and plays center) he sent Zanes arm bands that he wore in the Wyoming game! I know a lot of people might think that is gross but we think its pretty cool especially since they have the grass stains still in them! Unfortunately for Jada she wont be playing with them anytime soon as most things end up in her mouth these days :0

I know my photo's have been lacking lately but hopefully Halloween will provide for some photographic moments.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chilton Look-alike Meter

Well I'll be! Lets be honest though, were hoping that as the years progress, this needle takes a dramatic tip to the left!

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Descendants - Family history

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Labs are back.

Good news is all her liver values look good. Bad news is all her liver values look good...
So it was probably the Valsyte that was causing her to be sick. We will go off the Valsyte and try another anti-viral. This stinks because there are sources that point to 9 months of Valsyte as a contributing factor in achieving negative EBV. CRAP! We would have liked to be able to give that a shot. Jada and Andrea are on their way home to take a MUCH NEEDED NAP. This is actually our second try on Valsyte, when we were in Disneyland Jada was having stomach cramps, and being very lethargic, so we discontinued at that time to help her enjoy that specific situation. Hopefully her EBV will drop again. And hopefully we will see our little Bugaboo back in full stride ASAP!

Jada Rose is STILL sick!

Jada was throwing up all day Sunday, she then stopped early Monday morning. We thought she might be over whatever it is that is making her so sick. Last night she started throwing up again! We are pretty worried about her right now. Andrea is on her way up to the hospital with Jada and I am at work standing by for information. When we spoke with Dr. Jackson last night he stated that it could be any number of things, and that we needed to get her in for tests today.

Could be signs of PTLD
Could be Viral
Could be from her Anti-viral that we are giving her to try and stave off PTLD
Could be a combination of any of the above.