Monday, September 29, 2008

Utah vs. Weber St.

Jada has had a nasty stomach flu! BUT we sure had a fun time with her at the game on Saturday before she got so sick!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahhhhh Sundays!!!

8am...slept in
9am...woke up-Pancakes!
10am..watched Nightmare before Christmas ready for church
12pm..still getting ready for Church
1pm...Arrive at church
----three "time outs" later, grapes spilled all over the Gymnasium, 2 boxes of Mike and Ikes, and 4-5 visits to see the Fowlers (Jada's favorite family who sits near us in Sacrament Meeting), we head home for some real food----
3pm...make lunch
4pm...settle in to the Ute room for an afternoon nap and showing of Peter Pan (Jada's request of course)
4:30pm..all three individuals are sleeping soundly as Peter Pan continues.
5pm...Dad wakes up and finishes watching Peter Pan while the girls still sleep.
6pm...Dad gets the camera

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Breaking News!

We just got a call from Jada's liver doctor, and her EBV count is at its lowest level since early June!!!!!!!!!!

This means her body is fighting the virus!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

EBV causes PTLD a terrible form of cancer in transplant patients.

June the count was 4,000
July the count was 6,000
August the count was 13,000
Septembers count is 1,500

I think ill go watch my favorite youtube again!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jada Rose in Disneyland 2008 (Highlights as posted on

Ok here is my final version of Jada Rose's Disneyland trip! Honestly I can't get through this without some form of ocular precipitation. With her uncertain future, and recent issues, you have no idea how neat this experience was! I hope that as you see her smiles in this video, you will understand to some degree how much happiness you caused for this little girl.

I have actually filmed all of her favorite rides in their entirety,(I wont pain you with all of those) and she watches them non stop! I myself do not remember very much from when I was 2.5 years old. But what I do remember, has been enhanced if not created by my parents recording, and replaying that memory for me. Trust me when I tell you she will be seeing this footage for years and years to come! She will never forget her first trip to Disneyland. THANKS UTE FANS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Video Montage of the last two days...

I know its kind of jumbled together, but that is how our days have been! Jada is doing soooo much better since we temporarily took her off her meds. We are just enjoying having our little bugaboo around and acting like normal.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meeting Minnie Mouse

Jada is feeling TONS BETTER TODAY!!!!

Jada Rose riding Peter Pan

Jada was starting to feel not so well at this point in the day. This was one of her last rides before we went back to the hotel to sleep for 5 hours! I wanted to try my picture in picture effect though, so here it is!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 1, Part 2

Ok I think I worked out the kinks in the video. This video clip is A LOT longer. Sorry I was trying to trim them down but took some heat from family members back home about them not being long enough.

So I haven't said a whole lot about this because...well I don't want to scare people too much. Lately Jada's EBV levels (epstein bar virus) are more than double what they were when she had her tonsils out. They started to drop a few weeks ago so we let her immune suppressing meds come back up. Well the EBV sky rocketed (this is kind of a big deal because EBV can cause cancer) So last week they put Jada on MAJOR anti-viral to try and get the EBV under control. Well last night Jada had a really hard time sleeping and has had tummy aches all day. We called her liver doc and she said to take Jada off the anti viral as it could be what is causing this. Then when we get home to try and resume it. She really wants Jada to enjoy this experience. So I have been in the hotel room most of the day with Jada watching movies and rubbing her back while she hopefully gets over this little side effect. Hopefully tonight she will be ready to rock and roll and we will hit up some evening rides and fireworks. She is napping right now. As you can see from the video she was having a BLAST up until last night. We sure do love for making this happen!

We have had over 10 people yell at us "GO UTES!" since we have been here. Even some people in kewg apparel said "hey Utes! Go Utes!" (whooda thought?). Andrea's parents flew in on stand bye and are staying in a local hotel. They took Andrea out for a bit, and are riding the rides that Jada wouldnt be able to ride anyways. So that is making it nice for at least one of us to get out and enjoy the Cali Sun. Jada just adores them and was pretty stoked to see them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 1, Part 1

Were here! Currently Jada is taking a LOOOOOONG nap. We were up at 6 am and she didn't get to sleep until about 1am! Wonder why? There was a slight tantrum when she realized we would be taking a nap before any "playing" took place.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife Andrea! The sexiest woman I have ever met, my intellectual superior, and the mother of my child! Proof that a homely boy from Bountiful Utah can win the lottery!

Second- HAPPY LIVER BIRTHDAY to Jada Rose! Two years ago today she received the gift of life from a family who in their darkest hour had the bravery and selflessness to literally turn death into life. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I weep for your loss today, as I will for the rest of my life. Jada Rose, HAPPY LIVER BIRTHDAY! You are the toughest person I have ever met, and the second most beautiful girl I know!

...oh and GO UTES!