Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Onkel Bibby's Luge

Onkel (German for Uncle) Bibby created perhaps one of the neatest luge runs in his back yard. It begins on his deck where onlookers lounging in the pristine waters of the Hot Tub can enjoy the cascading luge that unfolds down through several berms, up one speed check, and into the deep dark forest of Cave Hollow Gully. We have been spending several days a week here because it is so fun. I apologize that this visit (which was in the dark) was the first time I had videotaped the event.

The experience begins with me carrying Jada Rose back up to the beginning of the luge. The snow depth is such that if I were to let Jada walk herself, she would be overcome with exhaustion as its about 3 feet deep. Plus its good rehabilitation exercise on my healing tendon.