Friday, February 29, 2008


It is 10:30 pm and I (Troy) am staying the night. I had to put a gag order on the nurse because Andrea asked her to call if any fevers started. I said "oh hell NO She needs to get a full nights rest" I assured Andrea that if anything noteworthy surfaced, that I would call her immediately.

Jada still fights fevers every several hours, and there is NO change in the diarrhea. On Monday if there is no major changes Jada will have a "Scope" performed...Come On Jada Rose!!!! Lets not go down that road! Seriously this is like one of those long rain storms that never seem to end! You keep looking up to the sky and saying to yourself "any minute now...". And the it keeps raining and raining.

Well I am probably going to mosey on down to the 2nd floor and see if The Christensen Boys are awake? R U Rob? Its pretty easy to find out. I just ask the nurse if she has heard what sounds like Crash Test Dummies singing Indigo Girls from the room lately? If she has then he is up! If not? I walk back up to the fourth floor.

"Check That!" ... *&(*^%!

OK, well this sucks... We need to temporarily cease the "no C-diff" celebration for right now. Apparently the last specimen sat in the laboratory for too long. There is a possibility that some contamination may have caused us to get a false negative. SO they are going to take another sample when she wakes up from her nap, and re-submit it. We wont know anything for two more days...

We did however have some very entertaining visitors a few moments ago. Dad watched from a web cam at work while Rob and Angel stopped by to say Hi to Jada Rose. Jada again showed her power over men as she flirted with Rob the entire time. He had her laughing, talking, and just being taken with the guy from the moment he walked in! However, Rob was sure to find just the right opportunity to say Hi to Jada's Dad as well...

Ooops! You didn't know I could hit the 'print scrn' button that fast did ya Raaab? 8-P

I felt like Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) in Patriot Games!

Results are back...

C-Diff is negative!!!!! This is good. Now hopefully it is just a bad virus and we can push through it chasing the fluid loss with IV. Looks like were going to be in the hospital for a while. We will keep up to date on the action plan from here when the Doctors come talk to us.

Silent Night HOLY Night!!

Jada must have been a pretty tired kiddo because after getting the new IV she went RIGHT back to sleep, and slept through the night! She did talk in her sleep a little, but that just means she's her fathers daughter ;-) They drew labs this morning and were able to use her IV line. Currently she is just cuddling with mommy in the chair. She doesn't move very quickly in the morning, but that because she's her Mothers Daughter ;-).

So I woke up and left the house early this morning, I forgot to warm up my car, and as I stepped out of the front door of my house I noticed a cute bag that had a card in it and a VERY attractive VERY warm blanket in it! Jen (Grimm) and Scott Mcfarland had delivered a beautiful Ute Blanket for us to use while in the hospital as well as adding to the already dominant decor of our home! So basically I wrapped myself up in this blanket on the way to work while my car warmed up! Thanks McFarlands! Unfortunately for Andrea and I, Jada is going to claim this blanket! She calls any blanket that has a Drum and Feather on it a "GO! GO! GO! Blanket". And claims it as her own.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too much...

We have gone most of the day with Jada's IV out. It wasnt working very well any ways so it was fully taken out. However she has decided that she doesnt want to eat or drink as much as she initially showed. When the Resident Doctor came around about 11 pm, she said that the fluid loss is just waaaaaay too much to be waiting out the night. Jada was sleeping so well (probably due to fluid loss). So she was woken up and had a new IV placed. She will recieve both "Maintenance Fluids, and Replacement Fluids". She also showed early signs of a low grade fever (100) and a rash started back again on her knees...sigh... I left at 10:30 ish and felt like I needed to check on that Linebacker of a Kid Charlie. Can I just say that when someone walks into that room and sees Angel paying such close attention, in such a loving manner, and seeing her smile at you when you walk in...well it was a DRUG quite frankly! The spirits and prayers that exhist in that room...Angel thanks for letting me stop bye and letting me fill up on whatever it is that they are serving there! I needed it. Then while Andrea was taking care of Jada Rose as the saint of a mother that she is...(Rob we overachieved brother!) My sister Teya listened to me all the way home talk about my little girl and how much I miss Gramma Rose. Gramma Dawny, we would be lost without you...simply lost. So Jada has lost waaaay too much fluid. Still no results on C-diff. This could just be a classic case of an immune compromised kid dealing with a nasty virus. I expect we will be there over the weekend. Still hoping for the best though. Thanks to those who stop bye and check up on our little girl. She is such a little hero. Good night all.

As Mater would say..."Oh Lord"

Jada is not going home tonight, her output is 75% more then what it should be for her size. Anything no matter how bland...including gatorade is running through her in record time of max of 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Her diarrhea is constant, so they are going to evaluate labs in the AM and see what comes of those. They still don't have culture results and are saying it's most likely viral and has hit her pretty hard. Poor little thing just turns to you everytime and says "poop". She isn't eating well at all...I think she caught the whole scheme of things that when she eats she poops,but in her case she seems to poop no matter what. Yukky!!


I have started a list of terms and definitions on the column to the right. Hope this helps clear up any questions that may arise while reading our posts.

Some more info...wait, more of a rant!

There are two tests they have taken for know I cant hold this in any longer! Its time to state this as it is perceived. C-diff takes usually three separate tests to find. One has already come back negative we are waiting on the second. We do not know for sure if she has it? Dr. Jackson the Gastroenterologist who is very well known thinks it is a strong possibility. Almost two weeks ago Jada had a rash. Her normal PED. wasnt in the office, so we opted to go to our general practitioner...lesson 1 learned... he called a fellow dermatologist and they felt like the rash may be Scarlet Fever (Scarlet Fever and Scarletina are the same thing. Often Scarlet Fever is used to define untreated Scarletina. At the point of diagnosis what was thought may be scarletina had not been treated, and therefore is being referred to as Scarlet Fever). Hind sight is 20/20, and Doctors mean well, but we as parents should not have allowed him to put Jada Rose on anti-biotics for something that had no laboratory proof. In reading about c-diff (which we still don't know if she has or not) I read the following

Antibiotic Use – We all know that antibiotics are used to kill bacteria that are causing infection somewhere in the body. At the same time, the antibiotic can kill the “good” bacteria in the GI tract, allowing the “bad” bacteria such as C. diff to grow unchecked, producing the toxins that cause severe diarrhea. Some estimates say that about 90 percent of all health care associated C. diff is related to broad spectrum antibiotic use. - ---

Well thats just Fan @#$%#$# tastic!

Lesson 2 learned!

Now in all honesty we don't yet know that this is what she has? But the possibility of such a thing that could have been prevented is very scary. So this post isn't so much to point fingers at people but rather in hopes that it can help educate people not to allow their doc's to put them and/or their kids on anti-biotic unless it is certain that they have what is presumed. If she had Scarlet Fever it would be a very wise thing to put her on anti-biotic as it is a serious condition that would warrant fast action. So theres my brief rant for now. Hopefully in a day or two I will be apologizing for jumping to presumptions. Until then understand that I'm a pretty worried dad and take my post with a grain of salt. ;)


Another major diarrhea episode... What the freak?!?! Don't know whats going on here! We will talk to the doc and see what the next plan of action is?


Jada had a better night last night. Only woke up a couple times, and went right back to sleep. She is having a bannana and a piece of toast for breakfast. We will see how that is digested? Expect another update very soon.

Once again we do have webcam up and running. However the ID has now changed to

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Birthday visits!

We have loved our visitors today! Bob, Claire, Angel, Tipp, Gramma, Grandpa, and a phone call harmony from Loni, Teya, Sean, Cousin Troy, and Cousin Kit. We have some fun video from today, but for some reason we cant load video from the hospital :( I will try and get some videos up in the next several hours.

Jada has had diareeha once since 2 pm! Her temp has not gone back up however. She is on a very restricted diet to hopefully get her past this overactive bowell thing she seems to be holding onto. Hoping that perhaps in the next 2 days we might be able to go home. They really want to find out what this is though and all the cultures are not in yet.

Nap Time

Jada was able to go out in the hallway and ride a little car for a while after her bath! She loved it! They even did a few laps into the room so I could see the smile on her face! However it became time to hook up to the IV so they waved the white flag and she came in for a Pit Stop. She is napping right now. She still has diarrhea we simply don't know whats going wrong with her digestive system? However the fevers are apparently gone. So we wait...

Bath Time!

So I am just updating based on what I saw on the web cam... Dr. Jackson came in and talked to Andrea after looking at Jada. Sorry cant read lips yet, so I don't know what he said to Andrea. Then they went out the door. I could tell that Jada was walking out and she was un-hooked from the IV, so I assume that she going to get a BATH! Angel if water starts to leak from the ceilings, don't be alarmed, Its Jada making her usual "waves"!

Birthday cam!

If you have msn messenger Jada's web cam in now on. Its mainly for a very home sick Dad who want to see his birthday girl while he is working but you can feel free to hop on if you would like. She may be gone momentarily for bath, diaper change, or snuggling, so you may need to wait for a bit for a response. Our ID is


When I got to work at 6:00am I called to see how the BIRTHDAY GIRL'S night went? Her nurse (Natalie) said that she was up for several hours last night, acting a bit fussy. But after being rocked her in a chair by the worlds best Mom for several more hours, she fell a sleep around 4:30, and was currently sleeping. Good news however, is no fevers reported, and no diarrhea. So hopefully this liquid diet has both helped Jada Rose, and therefore will end in time for her to have some PCMC Birthday cake!

We don't know how long Jada is going to be in the ICS unit. The funny thing about the ICS is that all of a sudden the docs will show up and say "OK go home", or we could be there for days, weeks. All depends on Jada's symptoms, eating, drinking, and output...oh and of course labs;-) The ICS unit is a special wing of the hospital used for immune compromised children. It is nice because you get your own room, and it is VERY VERY clean. Were talking even more clean than Uncle Zak's Truck! Just like Uncle Zak's truck when you enter you have to wash your hands, and be free of any sickness. We love to have guests especially to wish her Happy Birthday! However, we ask that people who may be getting sick or have been sick in the last couple days, or around sick kids wait to visit. This is not just for Jada's sake, but for the other children in this wing who are trying to get better. Many of them are undergoing cancer treatment :-(.

Angel, you would make Andrea's day by visiting, so of course it's ok to visit.

Aunt Loni, Aunt Teya, I expect Jada Rose to hear of a classical rendition of the "Gramma Rose Birthday Song" sometime today, either by phone, or in person! 8-)

7:30 am....And the reward for the First Happy Birthday Wish of the Day goes to the Christensen boys! Just got a text from Rob, Britty, and CC saying "Happy Birthday to the hottest chica we know. Love, The Christensen Boys." Thanks Guys!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok lets try this on for size.

Blogs seem easier as far as updates. So we will try this out as a website/blog hybrid. Heres a quick update:

February 26, 2008

Jada is having a very difficult time with Diarrhea. She is not digesting her food at all. The doctors have decided to put her on a clear liquid diet... she's not very happy about that. Still no idea on what is causing this to happen :-( We do have a web cam up during parts of the day. Our messenger id is
Jada's fever has stayed down for several hours now. She seems to be a little better, but it comes on waves with her tummy ache. She blasted out of 5 diapers now this morning and I hate to tell everyone it has been awful...but they say that is the infection working itself out or at least showing itself through her stools. But, needless to say she is feeling some better after the relief =) We will update as soon as we know anything on her labs or have cultures back.

February 25, 2008

Fever starting to climb again, we seem to teeter-totter between 99-101. something. So infection is still present. We are just waiting to see if the cultures grow out. So, we will update as soon as we know anything new.
Woke up from nap. Fever is down to 37.4. Watching Cars and waiting for our dinner to get here. Spaghetti O's, string cheese, french fries, and apple juice.
Well Jada's temprature went back up to 38.1 (c). We gave her some tylenol and she went down for a nap soon after. She still has diarehha (what a mess!). We are still wating for news regarding her bacteria cultures. She has a pretty swollen face right now from a lot of fluids, and crying. However when she is awake she is constantly trying to convince us that she should be down and running around. She thinks her bed makes a pretty fun trampoline. We have watched Chicken Little and Cars. SERIOUSLY HOPING that we can be home by wednesday so we can celebrate her 2nd birthday at home. We are also running an antibiotic several times a day to hopefully kick this bacteria/infection that she has. Liver numbers still look really good.

February 25, 2008

Quick update...I am running in the house to grab Chicken Little, Cars, Rattatoule, and about 10 books that Jada has requested. This morning Jada pulled out her IV so we had to get a new on put in. Good news is that for now her fever has broke. She is now under 100. Bad news is we still dont know what this is? We have ruled out viral and are trying to find out where the infection is? She is getting some more little spots over her face, but that may be attibuted to more crying today when we put in the 3rd iv. Jada is napping right now. Dont know if i can update this from her room or not? I will certainly try.

Februrary 25, 2008

We are in the hospital :(
Jada Rose has been admitted to the ICS unit of the hospital after seven hours in the Emergency Room. She spiked a temp of 102 yesterday and her stool became light yellow. This with the rash mentioned below are tall tell sighns of rejection! We were almost sure that was what had happened. Well fortunately her liver numbers look good. Unfortunately this means she has something that is really giving her body a reason to react! Scary stuff. After three blood draws, two iv's one cathader, one nasal throat culture, two chest x-rays, and little eyes that were swollen shut from crying they gaver her a wide range anti-biotic and she is admitted to the ICS unit. She was starting to fall asleep when I left the room at 3:00 am. I HATE seeing that little girl arch her back in pain! I used to have to see it when they re-inserted her feeding tubes back in the day. I hate seeing this little princess in pain! I HATE IT. I hate it. I will update this again as more lab results return with hopefully more answers. I will alsy attempt to outline yesterdays events better when I am not blinded by my tears, and too tired to type.