Saturday, November 14, 2009


Where to start? Basically I (troy) now have a new job and I work out at the SLC airport doing their HVAC. Its not a job that I am sitting at my computer all day anymore, and so you have seen a HUGE drop off in my frequency of posts and updates.

First and Formost this blog will likely change titles as Andrea and I are expecting a new baby sometime in late June! We are very excited about it and Jada Rose can't wait to have someone else to play with besides her boring dad. Rather than go on and on about our lives, I will start from the beginning of our camera and see if that fills in the HUGE gap that my lack of posting has begun?

Top: was taken this afternoon. Jada was coming in for a Kiss!
Above: Is me explaining to Jada how long it will take to clean the lens if she kisses it.

Above: Two of the three musketeers that run our home!

Above: Perhaps the two athletic of the three as well.

Above: a pose from a Rose

Above: Yes our backyard is on a downhill slope. This can cause people to walk and even stand with a bit of a "tilt".

Above Perhaps the most exciting of Jada's adventures is going to Disney on Ice. SHE LOVED IT!!!

Above: Jada pasting on one of her manufactured smiles. Probably because something was keeping her attention on the ICE!

Above: Perhaps a little less manufactured of a smile as she knows her mother will hold her to a far more strict policy when it comes to legitimate smile.

Above: Now that's the TRUE smile of Joy sitting next to her Grandma watching princess skate right in front of her!

Ok had to slip this in. Its the three ORIGINAL cousins! They are in for some serious changes here in the future, and stand to be considerably outnumbered! Especially the male! This was from earlier this summer waiting for the Circus.

Monday, November 9, 2009

new post comming soon!!!

I know I've been a huge slacker! So a new post is comming to catch u up on everything going on in jadas and our families lives...I promise!