Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The ZOO!

Yesterday Andrea was resting and had some errands to run so Jada and I called up Teya, lil Troy, and Kit to go to the Zoo! Jada was so excited to go she could hardly contain herself! I am SOOOOO glad Teya took some pictures of our trip. Check out Troy's blog for some photo's with hilarious commentary.

In the meantime I am starting a random questionaire to find out what Kit is saying when she gives this look? She is simply the cutest most adorable little kid. But when she gives you this look, it causes you to take a moment of pause and ask yourself "what have I done to evoke such a glare?"

So far this is what I have come up with:

1) "my parents are cuter than you"

2) "I'm hot, your NOT"

3) "I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with you right now"

4) " I think, therefore I AM"

5) "don't patronize me"

6) "do you realize that every time I blink, you cease to exist?"

7) "seriously!?...I mean...seriously?"

8) "take a picture it'll last longer"

9) "I'm to sexy for this train"

10) "Free Tibet"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jada's Little Pony's!

These photo's show a portion of Jada's Pony collection. She is extremely proud of her pony's! When she isn't making sure the Doggies have food, she is lining up her pony's in different locations around the house. The biggest pony is the one she received after "being a big girl" during the "poke"(labs) at PCMC yesterday.

Looking at these photo's I can identify at least 4 pony's that are not present for this particular photo shoot!...I can't believe I am able to identify that!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Waiting for SUMMER!!!

Ok, I have now moved all our posts from our vacation to the Kauai Blog. I wanted to make this more about Jada Rose (far more beautiful and awe inspiring than any tropical island anyways!) and less about the vacations we took WITHOUT Jada :(. We are desperately hoping that in the near future Jada will be healthy enough to take her on airplanes, and to fun destinations. We simply don't have as much fun without her. I'm sure that someday we will yearn again for that vacation with "grownups" but right now she is getting to be so fun, that we often feel that we are missing out not having her around us! If one dream could come true it would be that Jada could visit Lake Powell and enjoy it as a normal kid. Right now it simply is not an option due to the amount of bacteria living in that lake and her immune system being compromised.

Unfortunately this summer Jada was not approved to go to swimming pools unless they have been "shocked" for at least 3 days prior to her entering it with no other children swimming in it...should I use this opportunity to rant about parents taking their sick children to swimming pools???....naaa ;( Jada will still see some H2O activity this summer as Aunt Loni and Uncle Zak have already planned a sprinkler (trampoline) play area using house water so Jada can play in the water with Cousin Troy-dee, and Cousin Kit!

Jada went in to have some blood work done today at PCMC. We have been practicing her face mask skills and decided she was good enough at it to venture to Coop's suite! Hopefully this will lift the little guys spirits as he has had a tough couple of days. After the hospital Jada was entitled to a "treat" she decided to get ANOTHER "My Little Pony" however apparently this isn't such a little pony after all! Check back soon for pics and lab results!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Jada Rose asks this question on average about 20 times a day! A few weeks ago I let her help me feed the dogs. She took over, and basically its the highlight of her day! My intention was to record her on a day when she had her hair done, and was in cute clothes. But that wouldn't be accurate. It usually happens just as it is portrayed below. With mismatched clothes due her lunch or dinner being strewn all over either her pants or shirt. And her once neatly combed curls, after naps, and playing are now blown into the 'Mozart-esque' hair you see before you!

Since Jada Rose took over this task the dogs NEVER go to bed hungry! Its funny how something I considered to be somewhat of a daily chore, is now one of the things I look forward to most when Jada Rose is involved.